How do I find unused JavaScript websites?


How can we remove unused JavaScript?

Unminify JavaScript and CSS in your browser

  1. Open Chrome DevTools. Control + Shift + I. …
  2. Open the Command Menu. Control + Shif t +P. …
  3. Type + click the following: “Show Coverage”
  4. Click the reload button to reload the page and to see which code is loaded.
  5. Then double click on the JS or CSS file that you want to unminify.

What is unused JavaScript?

Overview. Reducing unused JavaScript can reduce render-blocking behaviour to speed up your page load and improve your visitors’ page experience. By default, JavaScript files are render-blocking because they block the browser from dealing with other page load tasks, thus delaying your page’s First Paint.

How do I remove unused code from website?

To fix this issue, analyze your bundle to detect unused code. Then remove unused and unneeded libraries.

DevTools makes it easy to see the size of all network requests:

  1. Press Control+Shift+J (or Command+Option+J on Mac) to open DevTools.
  2. Click the Network tab.
  3. Select the Disable cache checkbox.
  4. Reload the page.
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How do I get rid of unused codes?

The quickest way to find dead code is to use a good IDE.

  1. Delete unused code and unneeded files.
  2. In the case of an unnecessary class, Inline Class or Collapse Hierarchy can be applied if a subclass or superclass is used.
  3. To remove unneeded parameters, use Remove Parameter.

How do I reduce unused js in react?

How to remove unused JavaScript

  1. Detect unused JavaScript. The Coverage tab in Chrome DevTools can give you a line-by-line breakdown of unused code. …
  2. Build tool for support for removing unused code. Check out the following Tooling. …
  3. Angular. …
  4. Drupal. …
  5. Joomla. …
  6. Magento. …
  7. React. …
  8. WordPress.

How do I get rid of unused CSS?

How to remove unused CSS manually

  1. Open Chrome DevTools.
  2. Open the command menu with: cmd + shift + p.
  3. Type in “Coverage” and click on the “Show Coverage” option.
  4. Select a CSS file from the Coverage tab which will open the file up in the Sources tab.

How do I find unused CSS sites?

The Coverage tab in Chrome DevTools can help you find unused JavaScript and CSS code. Removing unused code can speed up your page load and save your mobile users cellular data.

How do I know if I have unused CSS?

How to detect unused CSS # The Coverage tab of Chrome DevTools can help you discover critical and uncritical CSS. See View used and unused CSS with the Coverage tab. Chrome DevTools: Coverage tab.

How do I know which CSS is not used?

1. Audit Tab: > Right Click + Inspect Element on the page, find the “Audit” tab, and run the audit, making sure “Web Page Performance” is checked. Lists all unused CSS tags – see image below.

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Does webpack remove unused code?

Tools like webpack will detect dead code and mark it as “unused module” but it won’t remove the code. Webpack relies on minifiers to cleanup dead code, one of them is UglifyJS plugin, which will eliminate the dead code from the bundle.

How do I remove JavaScript from a website?

Open Chrome DevTools. Press Control+Shift+P or Command+Shift+P (Mac) to open the Command Menu. Start typing javascript , select Disable JavaScript, and then press Enter to run the command. JavaScript is now disabled.

How do I delete unused library?

In Android Studio Menu > Refactor > Remove Unused Resources… Select the resources you want to remove. You can exclude resources you want to keep by right-clicking on the resource item. Use Do Refactor to remove all Resources at once.

Should you remove dead code?

It is safe to remove code that you might need in the future. You can always get it back from version control. … As in previous chapters, remember to remove dead code as a single step; do not conflate it in a version control check-in that also adds functionality.

What is the difference between dead code and unreachable code?

MISRA C defines unreachable code as code that cannot be executed, and it defines dead code as code that can be executed but has no effect on the functional behavior of the program.

What is obsolete code?

Obsolete code:

Code that may have been useful in the past, but is no longer used, e.g. code to use a deprecated protocol.

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