How do I run a query in PL SQL Developer tool?

How do I run a selected query in PL SQL?


  1. First, declare a variable l_customer_name whose data type anchors to the name columns of the customers table. …
  2. Second, use the SELECT INTO statement to select value from the name column and assign it to the l_customer_name variable.
  3. Third, show the customer name using the dbms_output.

How do I open query editor in Oracle SQL Developer?

Open the directory where the SQL Developer 3.0 is located, right-click sqldeveloper.exe (on Windows) or (on Linux) and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). 2 . On the desktop, you will find an icon named Shortcut to sqldeveloper.exe. Double-click the icon to open SQL Developer 3.0.

How do I compile a query in Oracle SQL Developer?

Creating and Compiling a PL/SQL Procedure

  1. Right-click on the Procedures node in the Connections Navigator, to invoke the context menu, and select NEW PROCEDURE.
  2. Enter EMP_LIST as the procedure name. …
  3. The procedure is created. …
  4. Replace the following PL/SQL: …
  5. Compile errors, if any. …

How do you execute a PL SQL procedure?

Executing a Standalone Procedure

  1. Using the EXECUTE keyword.
  2. Calling the name of the procedure from a PL/SQL block.

How do I run a script in SQL Developer?

To execute a script from the SQL Scripts page:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then SQL Scripts. …
  2. From the View list, select Details and click Go. …
  3. Click the Run icon for the script you want to execute. …
  4. The Run Script page appears. …
  5. Click Run to submit the script for execution.

How do I get top 10 records in SQL Developer?

Returning TOP N Records

  1. Microsoft SQL Server SELECT TOP 10 column FROM table.
  2. PostgreSQL and MySQL SELECT column FROM table LIMIT 10.
  3. Oracle SELECT column FROM table WHERE ROWNUM
  4. Sybase SET rowcount 10 SELECT column FROM table.
  5. Firebird SELECT FIRST 10 column FROM table.

How do I test a procedure in SQL Developer?

Creating and Running a Unit Test

  1. Select View > Unit Test. …
  2. In the Unit Test navigator, right-click Tests and select Create Test. …
  3. In Select Operation, select the hr_orcl connection that you used to create the AWARD_BONUS procedure. …
  4. Expand Procedures, select AWARD_BONUS and click Next.

How do I debug a query in Oracle SQL Developer?

Debug Oracle PL/SQL code

  1. Create a PL/SQL object Right-click the Oracle data source and select Open Console Ctrl+Shift+F10 . …
  2. Compile a PL/SQL object with the debug option To enable debugging for a PL/SQL code, you need to compile it with the debug option. …
  3. Debug PL/SQL program units

What is the structure of PL SQL program?

Block Structure

PL/SQL is a block-structured language. That is, the basic units (procedures, functions, and anonymous blocks) that make up a PL/SQL program are logical blocks, which can contain any number of nested sub-blocks. Typically, each logical block corresponds to a problem or subproblem to be solved.

How many blocks are there in PL SQL?

There are three types of blocks that make up a PL/SQL program: Anonymous blocks: These are the unnamed PL/SQL blocks that are embedded within an application or are issued interactively. Procedures: These are the named PL/SQL blocks.

What is procedure in PL SQL with example?

Procedure Vs. Function: Key Differences

Procedure Function
Used mainly to a execute certain process Used mainly to perform some calculation
Cannot call in SELECT statement A Function that contains no DML statements can be called in SELECT statement
Use OUT parameter to return the value Use RETURN to return the value
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