What are inline comments in Java?

What is inline comment?

Inline comments are comments made by an instructor that appear directly on top of your paper. These comments are usually brief.

What are the two kinds of comments in Java?

Comments in Java

  • Single – line comments.
  • Multi – line comments.
  • Documentation comments.

WHAT ARE comment entries in Java?

Comments in Java are the statements that are not executed by the compiler and interpreter. It can be used to provide information or explanation about the variable, method, class or any statement. It can also be used to hide program code for a specific time.

What do inline comments look like?

In line comments are those that are found in the general body of the program. They are usually very short (a line or two) comments making a “note” about what is going on. In line comments are usually made using the “single line” commenting syntax of the language.

How do you reply inline comments?

Reply to an email using Quotes

  1. Open Gmail, and copy the part of the email you want to reply to.
  2. Click Reply .
  3. Click Formatting options Quotes . …
  4. Next to the gray bar, paste the original message text.
  5. Press Enter and enter your response below the original message. …
  6. Click Send.
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What are the two types of comments?

Using Two Types of Comments

  • Marginal comments.
  • End comments.

How many types of comments are there in Java?

Java programs can have two kinds of comments: implementation comments and documentation comments.

How do you comment multiple lines in Java?

Multi line comments in Java start with /* and end with */. You can comment multiple lines just by placing them between /* and */.

How many single line commenting types are there?

There are three ways to write comments in Java. Single line comments begin with two forward slashes. Multi-line comments begin with a forward slash and an asterisk and the last line ends with an asterisk and a forward slash.

How are comments written in Java?

The Java programming language has three kinds of comments:

  1. Traditional comments: The first five lines of the listing form one traditional comment. The comment begins with /* and ends with */. …
  2. End-of-line comments: The text //I? …
  3. Javadoc comments: A javadoc comment begins with a slash and two asterisks (/**).

What is comment in Java give example?

Single-line comments start with two forward slashes ( // ). Any text between // and the end of the line is ignored by Java (will not be executed).

How do you teach commenting skills?

The first teaching

  1. Discuss what a comment is and what makes a good one. …
  2. Offer your own Sharing. …
  3. Explain what sorts of comments listeners might make. …
  4. Brainstorm comments with the class. …
  5. Do separate questions and comments. …
  6. Invite individual comments.
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What is /* in Java?

/** and /* in Java comments

Java supports single-line and multi-line comments very similar to C and C++. … /** is known as documentation comments. It is used by Javadoc tool while creating the documentation for the program code. /* is used for multi-line comments.

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