What is my PHP version Plesk?

How do I check my PHP version on Plesk?

You can check your PHP version directly through the Plesk panel.

  1. On your Plesk home page, under the domain you want to view, click Show More. Not in Plesk? …
  2. Under PHP Settings, you will see your current PHP version number. Note: Plesk hosting lets you have different versions of PHP for each domain.

How do I change php version on Plesk?

Switching PHP versions

  1. Log in to Plesk. …
  2. In the left sidebar, click Websites & Domains:
  3. In options panel at the far right, click the PHP Selector icon.
  4. On the PHP Selector page, select the desired version of PHP from the Current PHP Version listbox and then click the Set as current button.

Does Plesk use PHP?

Plesk provides support for multiple PHP versions and handler types out of the box. This topic explains how the Plesk administrator can install PHP on the server.

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What is the PHP version?

Release history

Version Release date Supported until
7.2 30 November 2017 30 November 2020
7.3 6 December 2018 6 December 2021
7.4 28 November 2019 28 November 2022
8.0 26 November 2020 26 November 2023

How do I update PHP version on Godaddy Plesk?

Change my PHP version in Windows Hosting

  1. Select Web Hosting, and next to the Windows Hosting account you want to manage, select Manage.
  2. In the account Dashboard, select Plesk Admin. …
  3. For the domain you want to manage, select PHP Settings.

How do I know my Plesk version Godaddy?

Below Web Hosting, next to the Windows Hosting account you want to use, select Manage. Select Plesk Admin. Select Hosting Settings. Under Web scripting and statistics, you’ll see your Microsoft ASP.NET support version.

How do I remove a specific version of PHP?

“remove all php versions ubuntu” Code Answer

  1. $ sudo apt-get purge php7. *
  2. $ sudo apt-get autoclean.
  3. $ sudo apt-get autoremove.

How do I install a specific version of PHP?

Download PHP

  1. Log into your server via SSH.
  2. Make sure you’re in your user’s home directory by running the following command: [server]$ cd ~
  3. In a browser, visit the following link to choose your desired version of PHP. …
  4. Click the . …
  5. Make sure to check your downloaded file’s checksum. …
  6. Decompress the file:

How do I enable PHP extensions in Plesk?


  1. Log into Plesk.
  2. Go to Tools & Settings > General Settings > PHP Settings.
  3. Click on the required PHP handler, for example, 7.4.10 FPM application:
  4. Enable/disable the required PHP extension and press the OK button to apply the changes:
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Where does Plesk Install PHP?

%plesk_dir%AdditionalPHP70php.exe – for PHP version 7.0. x. Here, %plesk_dir% is the directory where Plesk is installed, usually, it is C:Program Files (x86)Plesk .

How install PHP 7.4 to Plesk?


  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. In Plesk, go to Tools & Settings and click Updates (Updates and Upgrades).
  3. On the Updates and Upgrades page, click Add/Remove Components.
  4. On the Add/Remove Components page, expand: …
  5. Select required PHP versions for installation/uninstallation and click Continue.

How do I remove old PHP version from Windows?

1 Answer

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Open System.
  3. Click Advanced System Settings on the left.
  4. Click Environment Variables at the bottom right.
  5. Find “PATH” line in the “System Variables” box (bottom half)
  6. Click this line and click Edit.
  7. Find the line that ends in “php”
  8. Highlight and Delete this line.

How do I choose PHP version?

Click the cPanel button under the “Quick Server Login” section in your dashboard. In the “SOFTWARE” section, click the “Select PHP Version” link or icon. Select the version you wish to use. By default, the latest stable version (called the “native” version) will be selected and is already active.

How do I check PHP version?

1. Type the following command, replacing [location] with the path to your PHP installation. 2. Typing php -v now shows the PHP version installed on your Windows system.

How do I check my PHP version?

The most reliable way of finding out what version of PHP is used for that specific website is to use the phpinfo() function, which prints various information about the PHP server, including its version. Once you find out what PHP version you have, either remove the file or restrict the access to it.

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