Which of the following has the lowest precedence in Java?

Which of these operators has least level precedence?

4) Comma has the least precedence among all operators and should be used carefully For example consider the following program, the output is 1.

Which operator has highest precedence Java?

In Java, parentheses() and Array subscript[] have the highest precedence in Java. For example, Addition and Subtraction have higher precedence than the Left shift and Right shift operators.

Which operator has lowest priority?

The operators are listed in order of priority, group 1 having the highest priority and group 7 the lowest. All operators in the same priority group have the same priority. For example, the exponentiation operator ** has the same priority as the prefix + and prefix – operators and the not operator ¬.

What is order of precedence in Java?

Operator precedence determines the order in which the operators in an expression are evaluated. … In Java, the precedence of * is higher than that of – . Hence, the multiplication is performed before subtraction, and the value of myInt will be 4.

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Which one of the following is having least precedence?


The compound logical operators, &&, ||, -a, and -o have low precedence. The order of evaluation of equal-precedence operators is usually left-to-right.

What is correct order of precedence in C?

The order of precedence determines which operators act upon a value first.

The Order of Precedence in C.

Operator(s) Category Description
++ — Unary Increment, decrement, read from right to left
* / % Math Multiplication, division, modulo
+ – Math Addition, subtraction
<< >> Binary Shift left, shift right

Which has more precedence or?

Here, operators with the highest precedence appear at the top of the table, those with the lowest appear at the bottom. Within an expression, higher precedence operators will be evaluated first.

Operators Precedence in C.

Category Operator Associativity
Logical AND && Left to right
Logical OR || Left to right
Conditional ?: Right to left

Which is the highest precedence operator?

The logical-AND operator ( && ) has higher precedence than the logical-OR operator ( || ), so q && r is grouped as an operand. Since the logical operators guarantee evaluation of operands from left to right, q && r is evaluated before s– .

Which operator is having highest priority in Python?

Python follows the same precedence rules for its mathematical operators that mathematics does.

  • Parentheses have the highest precedence and can be used to force an expression to evaluate in the order you want. …
  • Exponentiation has the next highest precedence, so 2**1+1 is 3 and not 4, and 3*1**3 is 3 and not 27.
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Which of the following is ternary operator?

Answer: In computer programming, ?: is a ternary operator that is part of the syntax for basic conditional expressions in several programming languages.

What is rule of precedence?

What Does Precedence Mean? Precedence, in C#, is the rule that specifies the order in which certain operations need to be performed in an expression. For a given expression containing more than two operators, it determines which operations should be calculated first.

What does float a 35 0 return mean?

10) What does the expression float a = 35 / 0 return? Explanation: In Java, whenever we divide any number (double, float, and long except integer) by zero, it results in infinity.

What are the order of operations in Java?

4.14 Order of Operations

Precedence Operator Associativity
1 (), [] non-associative
2 new non-associative
3 . left-associative
4 ++, – – non-associative
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