Frequent question: What is SQL Server end of life?

What is EOL in SQL Server?

End of support options – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs.

Is SQL Server 2012 end of life?

While new innovations keep lighting up in the latest releases of SQL Server and Windows Server, support for older versions along with security updates will eventually end. … SQL Server 2012 Extended Support will end on July 12, 2022. Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Extended Support will end on October 10, 2023.

Is SQL Server 2016 end of life?

July 13th, 2021 is quickly approaching. This is the date Microsoft has announced as the end of Mainstream Support for SQL Server 2016. What does this mean for the large number of Servers and applications using SQL Server 2016?

Is SQL 2014 end of life?

SQL Server 2014 reached its end of life on 9 July 2019 and its extended support will end on 9 July 2024.

Is SQL Server dying?

No, SQL isn’t dying. There are many very capable NoSQL stores that do their jobs very well, supporting massive scale out with low costs. However, they don’t replace high-quality SQL-based stores—they complement them.

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Is Windows 10 end of life?

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 on October 14th, 2025. It will mark just over 10 years since the operating system was first introduced. Microsoft revealed the retirement date for Windows 10 in an updated support life cycle page for the OS.

Is Server 2012 R2 still supported?

Windows Server 2012, and 2012 R2 End of Extended support is approaching per the Lifecycle Policy: Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Extended Support will end on October 10, 2023. … Customers running these releases of Windows Server on-premises will have the option to purchase Extended Security Updates.

Does Server 2012 still get updates?

Microsoft has announced Extended Security Updates for Windows Server 2008 and 2012, and for SQL Server 2012 – and made it free if you run them in its Azure cloud. The current extended support offering for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 ends on October 10, 2023.

How Long Will SQL Server 2016 be supported?

As with most Microsoft products, Microsoft provides mainstream support for a product for 5 years after its initial release.


Version SQL Server 2016
Release Date 6/1/2016
End of Mainstream Support 7/13/2021
End of Extended Support 7/14/2026

Is SQL Server still supported?

In general, along with the extended support, each SQL Server version’s lifetime, is around 10 years, with SQL Server 2019, being the only exception to the rule, where its extended support ends on October 2030.

Does Windows 10 support SQL Server 2014?

According to this doc, SQL Server 2014 Developer edition should be updated to at least SP3 for it to be supported on Windows 10. And SQL Server 2012 Developer edition should be updated to at least SP4 for it to be supported on Windows 10.

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Which lifecycle policy does Microsoft SQL Server 2014 exist?

SQL Server 2014 follows the Fixed Lifecycle Policy.