Quick Answer: Can we convert map to list in Java?

Can we convert HashMap to ArrayList?

As HashMap contains key-value pairs, there are three ways you can convert given HashMap to ArrayList. You can convert HashMap keys into ArrayList or you can convert HashMap values into ArrayList or you can convert key-value pairs into ArrayList.

Can a Map be a list?

The Map has two values (a key and value), while a List only has one value (an element). So we can generate two lists as listed: List of values and. List of keys from a Map.

Can we convert Map to Array in Java?

Convert map to array of values

We can get an array of values of the map using Map. values() with Collection. toArray(T[] a) .

Can we convert Map to set Java?

Java Map has 2 values while Set contains only single value while converting Map to Set, we need to take a call of converting either map values or keys , so either we will get a set of keys or set of values (we can get both by using some wrapper to have both values).

Can HashMap have ArrayList?

Both ArrayList and HashMap can be traversed through Iterator in Java. Both use get() method, the ArrayList. get() method works based on an index, and HashMap.


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ArrayList HashMap
ArrayList only stores value or element HashMap stores key and value pairs

How do I add a Map to an ArrayList?

Java program to convert the contents of a Map to list

  1. Create a Map object.
  2. Using the put() method insert elements to it as key, value pairs.
  3. Create an ArrayList of integer type to hold the keys of the map. …
  4. Create an ArrayList of String type to hold the values of the map. …
  5. Print the contents of both lists.

How do I create a map list?

HashMap mMap = new HashMap(); ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); list. add(new HashMap()); mMap. put(“start”,1); mMap. put(“text”,”yes”); list.

What is toArray in Java?

The toArray() method of the java. util. The ArrayList class returns an array containing all of the elements in this list in proper sequence (from first to the last element). This acts as a bridge between array-based and collection-based APIs.

How do I convert a Map value to a list?

Either start with a concrete SortedMap implementation (Such as TreeMap ) or insert your input Map into a SortedMap before converting that to List . e.g.: Map<Key,Value> map; List<Value> list = new ArrayList<Value>( new TreeMap<Key Value>( map ));

What is MAP entry in Java?

Map. Entry interface in Java provides certain methods to access the entry in the Map. By gaining access to the entry of the Map we can easily manipulate them. Map. Entry is a generic and is defined in the java.

How do I get all the values on a map?

Starting from Java 8, forEach is easiest and most convenient way to iterate over all keys and values in a map.

  1. map. forEach((k,v) -> { System. …
  2. // iterate over and get keys and values for (Map. Entry<Integer, String> entry : map. …
  3. Set<Integer> keys = map. …
  4. Collection<String> values = map.
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