Quick Answer: How do I add a worksheet in SQL Developer?

What is worksheet in SQL Developer?

In SQL Developer Web, the worksheet is the code editor that is used to enter and execute SQL and PL/SQL statements. You can use SQL and PL/SQL statements in the worksheet to create a table, insert data, create and edit a trigger, select data from a table, and save that data to a file.

How do I open multiple worksheets in SQL Developer?

3 Answers

  1. You can right click on a connection and chose ‘Open SQL Worksheet’ it will create another window for the existing session.
  2. Use Alt + F10 and select the connection from the list.

How do I manually enter data in SQL Developer?

3. Adding Data

  1. SQL Developer makes entering data easily by using the table definition. …
  2. Click the Data tab. …
  3. Fill in values for the required items EMPLOYEE_ID, LAST_NAME, EMAIL, HIRE_DATE and JOB_ID. …
  4. To save the record to the database, click the Commit Changes button.

How do I create a query in SQL Developer?

Running Queries in SQL Developer. Tutorial: Selecting All Columns of a Table.

To run queries in SQL Developer:

  1. Click the icon SQL Worksheet. …
  2. If the Select Connection window opens: …
  3. In the SQL Worksheet pane, type a query (a SELECT statement).
  4. Click the icon Execute Statement. …
  5. Click the tab Results. …
  6. Click the icon Clear.
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What is spool in SQL?

The “spool” command is used within SQL*Plus to direct the output of any query to a server-side flat file. SQL> spool /tmp/myfile.lst. Becuse the spool command interfaces with the OS layer, the spool command is commonly used within Oracle shell scripts.

How do I insert multiple rows in Oracle SQL Developer?

SQL Insert Multiple Rows for Oracle

  1. The INSERT ALL keyword is used to instruct the database to insert all records.
  2. The INTO, table name, column names, and VALUES keyword are repeated for every row. …
  3. There is no comma after each of the INTO lines. …
  4. We need to add SELECT * FROM dual at the end.

Which object privileges can be granted on a view?

These object privileges include SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER, INDEX on tables and views and EXECUTE on procedures, functions, and packages.

How do I insert data into a single quote in Oracle?

The most simple and most used way is to use a single quotation mark with two single quotation marks in both sides. Simply stating you require an additional single quote character to print a single quote character. That is if you put two single quote characters Oracle will print one.

How do I start a new session in SQL Developer?

In SQL Developer this is called an unshared connection. From an existing worksheet the keyboard shortcut on Windows is CTL + SHIFT + N.

How do I open SQL editor in SQL Developer?


  1. To open a SQL file, click the Open button in the toolbar, press Ctrl+O, or select the File–>Open command. …
  2. To specify a connection for a SQL statement that you open, select a connection from the Connections list (see figure 2-8). …
  3. To switch between open statements, select the appropriate tab.
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