What is the latest service pack for SQL 2016?

Will there be a Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2016?

The release of SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 3 will be shipped after mainstream supports ends, targeting September 2021. This will be the final service pack for SQL Server 2016.

What is the latest SQL 2016 version?

SQL Server 2016

The RTM version is 13.0. 1601.5. Service pack 2 updates the version to 13.2.

How do I determine SQL version?

How to tell what version of Microsoft SQL Server you are running?

  1. One simple way to do this is to run SELECT @@version.
  2. Another option is to right click on the SQL Server instance name in SSMS and select Properties.
  3. You can also use the SERVERPROPERTY function to get details about the version of SQL Server.

How do I update SQL Server to latest version?

To upgrade an existing instance of SQL Server to a different edition, from the SQL Server Installation Center click Maintenance, and then select Edition Upgrade. If Setup support files are required, SQL Server Setup installs them. If you are instructed to restart your computer, restart before you continue.

What is the difference between SQL Server versions?

The most well known differences between SQL Express and other editions are the caps on database size (10GB) and lack of a SQL Agent feature. There are many other differences though, some of which can be extremely important for some application and architecture requirements.

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Which version of SQL Server is free?

SQL Server 2019 Express is a free edition of SQL Server, ideal for development and production for desktop, web and small server applications.

What version is SQL 11?

Quick summary:

Release RTM ( no SP ) Latest CU
SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 11 SQL Server 11.0 codename Denali Support end date: 2017-07-11 Ext. end date: 2022-07-12 11.0.2100.60 + CU11 11.0.6020.0 or 11.3.6020.0 + CU10
Obsolete versions – out of support

How do I get SQL?


  1. Install SQL. Check compatible versions. Choose New SQL Server stand-alone installation…. Include any product updates. …
  2. Create a SQL database for your website. Start the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio app. In the Object Explorer panel, right-click on Databases, and choose New Database….

How do I know the latest patch is installed in SQL Server?

To check the version number for a running SQL Server database, including the sequence number for service packs (SPs), cumulative updates (CUs), and patches, simply right-click the SQL Server instance name in SSMS, select Properties, then read the value in the Version field.