Where are maintenance plans stored SQL Server?

How do I check my SQL Server maintenance plan history?

View History for a specific Maintenance Plan in SQL Server

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Expand “Management” > “Maintenance Plans” .
  3. Right-Click on your Maintenance Plan > Select “View History”.

How can I change SQL Server maintenance plan?

Modifying Maintenance Plans

You can modify existing Maintenance Plans using the Maintenance Plan Designer. To modify a Maintenance Plan open SSMS then expand the Management node, expand the Maintenance Plans node and double click on the Maintenance Plan that you want to modify.

How do I delete a SQL Server maintenance plan?

delete the maintenance plan package

Connect SSMS to Integrated Service. The expand “Stored Packages” — “MSDB” — “Maintenance Plans”, right click on the maintenance plan, and select “Delete” from the right click menu.

How do I clean up MSDB database?

Removing the SQL backup and restore history from the msdb database from SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Right click a database in the Object Explorer pane and select the Delete option:
  2. In the Delete Object dialog check the Delete backup and restore history information for databases option:
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What is clean up history in SQL Server?

By using the History Cleanup task, a package can delete historical data related to backup and restore activities, SQL Server Agent jobs, and database maintenance plans. This task encapsulates the sp_delete_backuphistory system stored procedure and passes the specified date to the procedure as an argument.

What are maintenance plans?

A maintenance plan is a document that defines work done to maintain assets in a facility proactively. The contents of the document help you facilitate the continued use of an asset at optimum performance.

How do you do SQL maintenance?

It is worth it to set up maintenance plans to make these every day tasks much easier.


  1. Reorganize index pages.
  2. Rebuild indexes.
  3. Update statistics on the indexes.
  4. Shrink data and log files by removing empty pages.
  5. Backup database and transaction log.
  6. Perform internal consistency checks.
  7. Cleanup tasks.

How do I delete old SQL backup plan?

SQL Server Maintenance plans are another way of deleting old backup files by using the cleanup task.

  1. When connected to the server, expand it and the Management folder after. …
  2. In the Maintenance Plan Wizard, click Next.
  3. Enter a descriptive name and, optionally, a description, and in the bottom right click on Change…

How do I add a task to SQL maintenance plan?

To add a task step, follow these steps:

  1. Drag the corresponding item from the Maintenance Plan Tasks toolbox:
  2. Drag connecting lines between the items to initiate a sequence of events.
  3. To change a notification job from Success (which is the default connector) to Failure, right-click the connecting line and choose Failure:
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How do I free up space in SQL?

Freeing up space in local SQL Server Databases

  1. Shrink the DB. There is often unused space within the allocated DB files (*. mdf).
  2. Shrink the Log File. Same idea as above but with the log file (*. ldf).
  3. Rebuild the indexes and then shrink the DB. If you have large tables the indexes are probably fragmented.

Why does maintenance cleanup task not delete?

This is often caused by permission problems. The cleanup task doesn’t seem to log anything helpful when permissions prevent the account under which the step is running from deleting files. You can verify this as follows: In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on your maintenance plan and select “Modify”