Best answer: How many users can PHP handle?

How many concurrent connections can PHP handle?

1000+ sessions can still be perfectly handled by standard PHP file based sessions. If you notice that is getting a problem, you can exchange the session backend easily.

How does Apache handle multiple requests?

Requests are handled in parallel by the web server (which runs the PHP script). Updating data in the database is pretty fast, so any update will appear instantaneous, even if you need to update multiple tables.

How many request laravel can handle per second?

Laravel: 521.64 requests per second (mean) Zend: 484.94 requests per second (mean) Symfony: 439.37 requests per second (mean)

How many concurrent connections can laravel handle?

The maximum number of concurrent connections on this server setup is nearly 60,000.

How many concurrent requests can Apache handle?

By default, Apache web server is configured to support 150 concurrent connections. As your website traffic increases, Apache will start dropping additional requests and this will spoil customer experience.

How does Apache server handle requests?

The Apache server works by handling URL requests to the server through specific communication protocols in a multithreading fashion, and extending itself to work with programming and database languages.

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How does Apache work?

Apache functions as a way to communicate over networks from client to server using the TCP/IP protocol. … The Apache server is configured via config files in which modules are used to control its behavior. By default, Apache listens to the IP addresses configured in its config files that are being requested.

How do I optimize my website in Laravel?

Tips to Improve Laravel Performance

  1. Config caching.
  2. Routes caching.
  3. Remove Unused Service.
  4. Classmap optimization.
  5. Optimizing the composer autoload.
  6. Limit Use Of Plugins.
  7. JIT Compiler.
  8. Choose a faster cache and session driver.

Can Laravel handle millions of users?

In short, yes. At least newer versions of Laravel are capable (Laravel 7. *).

What is Laravel API rate limit?

I’m fairly new to Laravel and am currently using an API that has a limit of 25 requests per minute.

What is laravel throttle?

A: Throttle Request refers to a process in which an authenticated user is allowed to hit the application maximum time. After that, the user’s session is either expired or is denied access to the application. Throttle Request could be implemented in Laravel as shown below: Look at RateLimit::hit() code.