Does Jenkins work with Java 14?

What version of Java is needed for Jenkins?

Jenkins project performs a full test flow with the following JDK/JREs: OpenJDK JDK / JRE 8 – 64 bits. OpenJDK JDK / JRE 11 – 64 bits.

Does Jenkins support Java?

Jenkins supports building Java projects since its inception, and for a reason! It’s both the language Jenkins is written in, plus the language in use by many if not all the projects Kohsuke Kawaguchi wanted to watch out when he created the tool many years ago.

Is Java 15 supported by Jenkins?

3 Answers. From the Jenkins site here, it says versions older than Java 8 are not supported.

Does Jenkins support Java 13?

[JENKINS-60533] support java 13 in versioncolumn-plugin – Jenkins Jira.

Can Jenkins run on Java 11?

We are thrilled to announce full support for Java 11 in Jenkins starting from Jenkins 2.164 (released on Feb 10, 2019) and LTS 2.164. … This means you can now run your Jenkins controllers and agents with a Java 11 JVM. Starting in June 2018, many events were organized to improve Jenkins code base and add Java 11 support.

Is Java required for Maven?

2 Answers. Maven needs a JDK, and not a JRE. Thanks, Ok yep it is installed..

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What makes Jenkins extensible?

Extension is an annotation that allows Jenkins to discover classes, instantiate them, and register them in global lists of implementations of their supertypes and interfaces. … Whenever Jenkins needs to provide a list, e.g. of security realm implementations (LDAP, Jenkins user database, etc.)

Is Jenkins 32 or 64 bit?

Beginning with Jenkins 2.235. 3, the Jenkins LTS Windows installer is a 64 bit MSI. It runs Jenkins with the 64 bit JDK (Java 8 or Java 11) selected by the user.

Can you download Java for free?

Visit the Java website and download the installer

To install Java, you first need to download the installer program from Oracle. Click the “Free Java Download” button. You are then prompted to read and agree with the end user license agreement.

Do I need Java to install Jenkins?

Software Requirements:

Since Jenkins runs on Java, you need either latest version of Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE).