Frequent question: How do you ace JavaScript?

How do I find my ace editor code?

To get the value from ace editor, use getValue() method as below. var myCode = editor. getSession(). getValue();

How do I change font size in Ace editor?

2 Answers. editor. setOptions({ fontFamily: “tahoma“, fontSize: “10pt” });

How do you create an online code editor?


  1. API running on the backend server, which will take a piece of code and language as input and output the answer after running the code on the server.
  2. Frontend code editor, we can choose the language and edit and modify the code here. Then we make a post request to the backend API and show output on the website.

What is ACE coding?

The Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) is an open source software framework used for network programming. It provides a set of object-oriented C++ classes designed to help address the inherent complexities and challenges in network programming by preventing common errors.

How do I set up an ace editor?

Once the files are loaded, create a <div>HTML element and initialize Ace in it. var aceEditor = window. ace. edit(divElement);

You will need 4 files from it.

  1. ace. js – it’s the main file of the Ace library,
  2. ext-language_tools. js – provides the text autocomplete feature,
  3. theme-chrome. …
  4. mode-javascript.
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How do I change the value in ACE editor?

How do I get value from ACE editor?

  1. Markup: <div id=”aceEditor” style=”height: 500px; width: 500px”>some text</div>
  2. Finding an instance: var editor = ace. edit(“aceEditor”);
  3. Getting/Setting Values: var code = editor. getValue(); editor. setValue(“new code here”);

How do I create a code editor in react?

In this tutorial, we will embed an Ace Editor into a react component, specify the coding language expected, and add a theme!

  1. Step 1 — Installing the react-ace NPM. npm install react-ace.
  2. Step 2 — Setting up our component. …
  3. Step 3 — Adding the editor to your component. …
  4. Step4 — Adding modes and themes.

How do I use Judge0 API?

Authentication. Administrators of Judge0 can configure Judge0 to require you to have an authentication token (a.k.a. API key). If that is the case with the instance of Judge0 you are using, then you should provide X-Auth-Token header field in every API request.

How do you implement CodeMirror?

The easiest way to set up CodeMirror is via <script> tag from a CDN. You can also bundle the CodeMirror npm module, but for the sake of example let’s just use a CDN. Just make sure you include both the JavaScript and CSS files, otherwise your editor won’t look right.