How can a user defined record be created in PL SQL Mcq?

How can a user defined record be created in PL SQL?

A record type is a composite data type that consists of one or more identifiers and their corresponding data types. You can create user-defined record types by using the TYPE IS RECORD statement within a package or by using the CREATE TYPE (Object) statement. Dot notation is used to reference fields in a record.

Which of the following is not a PL SQL unit Mcq?

4. ____________is not a PL/SQL unit. Table is not a PL/SQL unit.

Which of the following correctly defines a cursor?

Which of the following correctly defines a cursor? A cursor is a pointer to a temporary area DDL statement.

What is a Rowtype attribute used for MCQ?

What is a %ROWTYPE attribute used for? To declare a record variable that represents a full or partial row of a database table.

How can a user-defined exception be raised?

A user-defined exception must be declared and then raised explicitly, using either a RAISE statement or the procedure DBMS_STANDARD. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR.

What is a user-defined record?

As the name suggests, user define records are the record variables whose structure is defined by the user, which is unlike the table based or cursor based records whose structures are derived from their respective tables or cursor.

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What is the purpose of trigger?

Triggers are used to maintain the referential integrity of data by changing the data in a systematic fashion. Each trigger is attached to a single, specified table in the database. Triggers can be viewed as similar to stored procedures in that both consist of procedural logic that is stored at the database level.

What is a %Rowtype attribute used for?

The %ROWTYPE attribute provides a record type that represents a row in a database table. The record can store an entire row of data selected from the table or fetched from a cursor or cursor variable. Variables declared using %ROWTYPE are treated like those declared using a datatype name.

What does found attribute indicate?

What does %FOUND attribute indicate? It indicates that the cursor was found. It indicates that the number of rows that got affected.

Which of the following is used to declare record?

First, you must define a cursor. And then you use %ROWTYPE with the cursor variable to declare a record. The fields of the record correspond to the columns in the cursor SELECT statement. The following is an example of declaring a record based on a cursor.