What is New Relic PHP?

What is New Relic used for?

New Relic is a Software as a Service offering that focuses on performance and availability monitoring. It uses a standardized Apdex (application performance index) score to set and rate application performance across the environment in a unified manner.

What is New Relic service?

New Relic One is a powerful full-stack data analysis platform for all your software’s metrics, events, and logs. Now available with a modern, consumption pricing model.

What is New Relic database?

New Relic’s unified database (NRDB) gives you a complete view of your technology stack, enabling you to identify, understand, and resolve the issues that impact your business.

How do I install New Relic PHP agent?

Install the agent and daemon using your preferred package manager:

  1. yum. sudo yum install newrelic-php5. …
  2. 32-bit rpm. Replace X.X.X.X with the most recent PHP agent version number when you run this command: …
  3. 64-bit rpm. Replace X.X.X.X with the most recent PHP agent version number when you run this command:

Is New Relic safe?

We protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data using industry standard encryption protocols such as TLS (Transport Layer Security). New Relic uses other measures, such as encryption at rest, to prevent unauthorized access, threats, or theft.

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What is the difference between New Relic and Splunk?

New Relic is an application monitoring tool designed to monitor user behavior in web based, mobile, or desktop applications. Splunk Enterprise is a Security Information and Event Management tool that manages data and provides businesses with event logs and alerts.

How does New Relic collect data?

New Relic APM collects and stores metrics and data from web-based and other associated applications within the enterprise. New Relic receives data over the network and then processes and analyzes it. Users view the data through a dashboard-type interface.

Is New Relic a good place to work?

New Relic Named One of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Technology by Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE. … (NYSE: NEWR), provider of real-time insights for software-driven businesses is honored by Great Place to Work and FORTUNE as one of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Technology.

How do I start new relic?

Command prompt (cmd.exe)

  1. Start or stop the Windows agent: net <start|stop> newrelic-infra.
  2. Restart the Windows agent: net stop newrelic-infra ; net start newrelic-infra.
  3. Check the status of the Windows agent: sc query “newrelic-infra” | find “STATE”

How do I check logs in New Relic?

View your logging data in New Relic

You can explore your logging data in the UI or by API: Logs UI at one.newrelic.com. Logs UI for EU region data center if applicable: one.eu.newrelic.com.

Where is my new relic license key?

Most of the keys can be viewed and managed via the API keys UI page: From the account dropdown, click API keys (get a direct link to the API keys page). If you’re using NerdGraph, you can manage license keys and user keys from our GraphiQL explorer.

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