Your question: What is destroy in Python?

How do you use the destroy function in Python?

The Destroy Function

  1. from tkinter import * def close():
  2. root.destroy() root = Tk()
  3. root.geometry( ‘200×100’ ) button = Button(root, text = ‘Close the window’ , command = close)
  4. button.pack(pady = 10 ) root.mainloop()

How do you destroy a frame in Python?

A frame component can contain Button widgets, Entry Widgets, Labels, ScrollBars, and other widgets. If we want to clear the frame content or delete all the widgets inside the frame, we can use the destroy() method. This method can be invoked by targeting the children of the frame using winfo_children().

What is sunken in Python?

python button tkinter. So, in Tkinter Buttons seem to have a relief property. This is defaulted to raised, and when the button is pressed it changes to sunken.

What is Setattr () used for?

What is setattr() used for? The Python setattr() function sets a new specified value argument to the specified attribute name of a class/function’s defined object. This method provides an alternate means to assign values to class variables, in addition to constructors and object functions.

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How do you destroy a frame?

Use the Destroy operation to completely delete a frame from the application. When you destroy a frame, you cannot later insert it into the application or perform any other operations on it.

  1. Select the frame as the current frame.
  2. Select Destroy. Vision asks you to confirm that you want to destroy the frame.
  3. Select yes.

What is Tk () in tkinter Python?

The tkinter package (“Tk interface”) is the standard Python interface to the Tcl/Tk GUI toolkit. Both Tk and tkinter are available on most Unix platforms, including macOS, as well as on Windows systems. … See the source code for the _tkinter module for more information about supported versions.

Which function is used to hold the screen?

getch() is a way to get a user inputted character. It can be used to hold program execution, but the “holding” is simply a side-effect of its primary purpose, which is to wait until the user enters a character. getch() and getchar() are used to read a character from screen.

What is the use of Mainloop () in Python tkinter?

mainloop() tells Python to run the Tkinter event loop. This method listens for events, such as button clicks or keypresses, and blocks any code that comes after it from running until the window it’s called on is closed.

How do you break a Mainloop in Python?

mainloop() stops. So as you just want to quit the program so you should use root. destroy() as it will it stop the mainloop() .

Can a button have two commands Tkinter?

The Tkinter button has only one command property so that multiple commands or functions should be wrapped to one function that is bound to this command .

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How do I close all Tkinter Windows?

Close a Tkinter Window With a Button

  1. root.destroy() Class Method to Close the Tkinter Window.
  2. destroy() Non-Class Method to Close the Tkinter Window.
  3. Associate root.destroy Function to the command Attribute of the Button Directly.
  4. root.quit to Close the Tkinter Window.

How do I make a frame inside a frame?

To create a basic frame the name of the parent window is given as the first parameter to the frame() function. Therefore, to add another frame within this frame, just the name of the first frame needs to given to the second frame as the parent window.

What is the default relief style?

The default relief for a frame is tk. FLAT , which means the frame will blend in with its surroundings. To put a border around a frame, set its borderwidth to a positive value and set its relief to one of the standard relief types; see Section 5.6, “Relief styles”.