Best answer: How do you return a value from a Javascript function?

Do JavaScript functions have to return a value?

So to recap: No, a JS function needn’t return anything as far as your code goes. But as far as the JS engines are concerned: a function always returns something, be it explicitly via a return statement, or implicitly. If a function returns implicitly, its return value will always be undefined.

How do you return a value from a function?

To return a value from a function, you must include a return statement, followed by the value to be returned, before the function’s end statement. If you do not include a return statement or if you do not specify a value after the keyword return, the value returned by the function is unpredictable.

What is return () in JavaScript?

The return statement ends function execution and specifies a value to be returned to the function caller.

How do you return a value?

To return a value using the Return statement

  1. Put a Return statement at the point where the procedure’s task is completed.
  2. Follow the Return keyword with an expression that yields the value you want to return to the calling code.
  3. You can have more than one Return statement in the same procedure.
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Does a function need to return a value?

If a function is defined as having a return type of void , it should not return a value. … If a function is defined as having a return type other than void , it should return a value.

Should every function return a value?

No, If a function return type is declared as void it cannot return any value. 1. If a function contains two return statements successively, the compiler will generate warnings. …

Can constructor return a value?

A constructor can not return a value because a constructor implicitly returns the reference ID of an object, and since a constructor is also a method and a method can’t return more than one values.

Which function should not return any value?

Answer: Explanation: Void functions are created and used just like value-returning functions except they do not return a value after the function executes.

What are keyword arguments and when should we use them?

A keyword argument is where you provide a name to the variable as you pass it into the function. One can think of the kwargs as being a dictionary that maps each keyword to the value that we pass alongside it. That is why when we iterate over the kwargs there doesn’t seem to be any order in which they were printed out.

What is the difference between return and return value?

RETURN [ return-value ]. The return-value must be a character value, either a literal or an expression. … If the called procedure doesn’t return a value, then the value returned is either the empty string (“”) or, if an earlier procedure RUN statement in the same call stack returned a value, then that value is returned.

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What is the difference between return and console log?

return is a statement that allows a function to output a value back to where it was called. console. log is a function that lets us inspect values for debugging purposes.

What is the difference in return () and return {}?

The difference is that returns (uint) is defining the function as having 1 return variable, which is a uint. Related, but separate, is the statement return simpleInt; , which is actually returning simpleInt from the function.

What does not return a value in VBA?

A sub performs a task but does not return a value. A function returns a value of the tasks performed. Subs can be recalled from anywhere in the program and in multiple types.

What does returning a value mean?

In simple terms, it means to return the value to caller of the method… So, in your example, the method getX would return the value of x to the caller, allowing them access to it.

Why do constructors not return values?

So the reason the constructor doesn’t return a value is because it’s not called directly by your code, it’s called by the memory allocation and object initialization code in the runtime. Its return value (if it actually has one when compiled down to machine code) is opaque to the user – therefore, you can’t specify it.

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