How can I tell if jQuery is clicked?

How do you know if an element is clicked?

“if element is clicked javascript” Code Answer’s

  1. // get the element.
  2. const element = document. getElementById(‘profile_title’)
  3. // always checking if the element is clicked, if so, do alert(‘hello’)
  4. element. addEventListener(“click”, () => {
  5. alert(‘hello’);
  6. });

How can I tell if a div is clicked?

“check if click is inside div javascript” Code Answer

  1. var container = document. getElementsByClassName(‘container’)[0];
  2. document. addEventListener(‘click’, function( event ) {
  3. if (container !== event. target && ! container. contains(event. target)) {
  4. console. log(‘clicking outside the div’);
  5. }
  6. });

Can you click on Div?

We simply add the onlcick event and add a location to it. Then, additionally and optionally, we add a cursor: pointer to indicate to the user the div is clickable. This will make the whole div clickable.

How do I know if my span is clicked?

how to identify which `span` has been clicked in order to change the css property of it?

  1. The colors’ span/block should be clicked.
  2. When one of them is clicked , the icon should be displayed.
  3. When another one of the colors is clicked, icon should be displayed but the previous icon that was displayed should now be hidded.
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How do I find the ID of a clicked element?

click(function() { var id = $(this). attr(‘id’); $container. cycle(id. replace(‘#’, ”)); return false; });

What is the use of this keyword in jQuery?

When inside a jQuery method’s anonymous callback function, this is a reference to the current DOM element. $(this) turns this into a jQuery object and exposes jQuery’s methods. A jQuery object is nothing more than a beefed-up array of DOM elements.

Can we add href to div?

#Anchor targets

By prepending your href with # , you can target an HTML element with a specific id attribute. For example, <a href=“#footer”> will navigate to the <div id=”footer”> within the same HTML document. This type of href is often used to navigate back to the top of the page.

Can we add click to span?

The div element supports the javascript event onclick so you can do it.

Can we use on click in span?

When clicking on the p element, it will return both the p and the div element, since the p element is inside the div element. But when clicking on the span element, it will only return itself, and not the p and the div element (even though its inside these elements).

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