How do I send multiple JSON responses in node JS?

Can we send multiple response in node JS?

You can only send one HTTP response for one HTTP request. However, you can certainly write whatever kind of data in the response that you want. That could be newline-delimited JSON, multipart parts, or whatever other format you choose.

How do I send multiple data in node JS?

Nodejs & Express: How to send multiple Json variable from server to Client through response. send() ItemName=“calculated data Json Data” ArtistName=”calculated data Json Data” var response. send(ItemName, ArtistName);

Can you Res send multiple times?

If you call res. send multiple times, it will work the first time. However, since the first res. send call ends the response, you cannot add anything to the response.

How do I send a response to a JSON file?

Send JSON Data from the Server Side

  1. Create a new object for storing the response data.
  2. Convert the new object to a string using your JSON parser.
  3. Send the JSON string back to the client as the response body (e.g, Response. Write(strJSON) , echo $strJSON , out. write(strJSON) , etc.).
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What does res JSON () do?

json() Function. The res. json() function sends a JSON response. This method sends a response (with the correct content-type) that is the parameter converted to a JSON string using the JSON.

Can send multiple responses single request?

4 Answers. No. In http, one request gets one response. The client must send a second request to get a second response.

How do I get multiple values in Ajax?

retrieve multiple values from ajax call

  1. on button click send list item information and ids.
  2. jquery uses ajax to send to php for each list item.
  3. php takes the values and saves them to the database then spits out a new ID.
  4. jquery saves that new ID to the list item that it was previously attached to.

What is node JS used for?

It is used for server-side programming, and primarily deployed for non-blocking, event-driven servers, such as traditional web sites and back-end API services, but was originally designed with real-time, push-based architectures in mind. Every browser has its own version of a JS engine, and node.

Why code written in node JS is pretty fast?

JS is pretty fast although being written in JavaScript? A – Node. JS internally converts JavaScript code to Java based code and then execute the same. … JS internally converts JavaScript code to C based code and then execute the same.

Does Res send end the response?

end() Function. The res. end() function is used to end the response process.

Can not set headers after they are sent to client?

The error “Error: Can’t set headers after they are sent.” means that you’re already in the Body or Finished state, but some function tried to set a header or statusCode. When you see this error, try to look for anything that tries to send a header after some of the body has already been written.

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What is RES setHeader?

setHeader(name, value) (Added in v0. 4.0) method is an inbuilt application programming interface of the ‘http’ module which sets a single header value for implicit headers. If this header already exists in the to-be-sent headers, its value will be replaced. … writeHead(), with the headers passed to response.

Can we send JSON in GET request?

In theory, there’s nothing preventing you from sending a request body in a GET request. The HTTP protocol allows it, but have no defined semantics, so it’s up to you to document what exactly is going to happen when a client sends a GET payload.

How do I return a JSON response in spring boot?

If you want to return a json serialized string then just return the string. Spring will use StringHttpMessageConverter instead of JSON converter in this case. if json string is what you want to return from java then you can just return a string if it is already json serialized.

How do I post JSON data in node JS?

“how to send a json object in post request express” Code Answer

  1. var express = require(‘express’);
  2. var app = express();
  3. app. use(express. json()); // built-in middleware for express.
  4. app. post(‘/’, function(request, response){
  5. let myJson = request. body; // your JSON.
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