How do you obfuscate JavaScript?

How does JavaScript obfuscation work?

Obfuscation: Transform your code to make it hard to steal or copy. A JavaScript Obfuscator will transform your entire source code to make it virtually impossible to read and understand. While the process may modify actual method instructions or metadata, it does not alter the functionality of the program.

How do you obfuscate a code?

Obfuscation techniques

  1. Renaming. The obfuscator alters the methods and names of variables. …
  2. Packing. This compresses the entire program to make the code unreadable.
  3. Control flow. …
  4. Instruction pattern transformation. …
  5. Dummy code insertion. …
  6. Metadata or unused code removal. …
  7. Opaque predicate insertion. …
  8. Anti-debug.

Should I obfuscate my JavaScript?

2 Answers. Simple obfuscation will not protect your software from being hacked. If you really want to protect your javascript, to add something that will make the life of someone who tries to steal or tamper with your software really difficult, you should check Jscrambler.

Is it possible to obfuscate code?

Code Obfuscation is the process of modifying an executable so that it is no longer useful to a hacker but remains fully functional. … To be clear, with enough time and effort, almost all code can be reverse engineered. However, on some platforms such as Java, Android, iOS, or .

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How do you obfuscate HTML code?

Obfuscate HTML using an Online Tool

  1. Open a Web browser and navigate to or
  2. Click the “HTML Obfuscator” link on the main page in …
  3. Copy your HTML code by dragging the mouse over the desired code in the HTML editor, and the right-clicking the mouse.

How do I protect my JavaScript code?

One of the ways to protect your code is to obfuscate it to encrypt the code and make it unreadable.

  1. Protect your code and intellectual property.
  2. Compact js to also make file size smaller and increase page speed.
  3. Work with jQuery!, NODE. …
  4. Always to preserve the operational qualities of the code.

What is JavaScript obfuscator?

JavaScript Obfuscator is a powerful free obfuscator for JavaScript, containing a variety of features which provide protection for your source code. Key features: variables renaming. strings extraction and encryption. … various code transformations.

What is an example of obfuscation?

To obfuscate is to confuse someone, or to obscure the meaning of something. An example of obfuscate is when a politician purposely gives vague answers to a question so no one knows his real position. … Before leaving the scene, the murderer set a fire to obfuscate any evidence of his or her identity.

What are obfuscation techniques?

Obfuscation techniques entail making a design or system more complicated to prevent RE, while also allowing the design or system to have the same functionality as the original.

Why should I obfuscate my code?

NET can be easily decompiled into readable source code. … Code obfuscation is a process that makes your application binaries harder to read with a decompiler. It’s an important tool for protecting your business’s intellectual property.

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Why do people obfuscate JavaScript?

Advantages of obfuscating JS

Prevent people from copying or modifying your code without authorization. The obfuscated JavaScript will be way larger and difficult to understand. … Debug protection, useful if you don’t want people to simply open the console to see what’s going on with the JavaScript.

How do I create an unreadable code?

Generally, code obfuscators make your code unreadable by replacing meaningful variables names with things like $a , $b , etc., and by removing comments, whitespace, and whatever other conveniences we normally use to make code readable.

Can you encrypt JavaScript?

No, it’s not possible. If it runs on the client browser, it must be downloaded by the client browser. It’s pretty trivial to use Fiddler to inspect the HTTP session and get any downloaded js files.

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