Is the character data used inside a Java program?

Which of these class is used to read characters in a file?

Which of these class is used to read characters in a file? Explanation : We can read characters in a file using FileReader class of Java.

What is the name of the Java class used in file I O that allows you to use the print and Println methods to write data to a file?

Java IO : Input-output in Java with Examples

Stream class Description
FileInputStream This is used to reads from a file
InputStream This is an abstract class that describes stream input.
PrintStream This contains the most used print() and println() method
BufferedOutputStream This is used for Buffered Output Stream.

Which of these classes are used by character streams?

Which of these classes are used by character streams for input and output operations? Explanation: Character streams uses Writer and Reader classes for input & output operations.

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What is stream concept?

A stream is a flow of data from a program to a backing store, or from a backing store to a program. The program can either write to a stream, or read from a stream. Reading from and writing to a stream. Streams and stream processing.

Are used to read in from file?

Which of these methods are used to read in from file? Explanation: Each time read() is called, it reads a single byte from the file and returns the byte as an integer value. read() returns -1 when the end of the file is encountered.

Which method is used to write () into a file?

Java FileWriter class is used to write character-oriented data to a file. It is character-oriented class which is used for file handling in java.

Methods of FileWriter class.

Method Description
void write(char c) It is used to write the char into FileWriter.

Which of the following is used to accept a character from a file?

getchar() function is used to get/read a character from keyboard input. Please find below the description and syntax for above file handling function. putchar() function is used to write a character on standard output/screen.

What are the types of I O streams?

Input stream that reads from file. Output stream that writes to file. Output stream that translate character to byte. Output Stream that contain print() and println() method.

Which class do you use to write data into a text file?

10.2 Writing Data to a Text File

The simplest way to write text to a file requires us to use PrintWriter class from the standard package .

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What is the use of this keyword?

The this keyword refers to the current object in a method or constructor. The most common use of the this keyword is to eliminate the confusion between class attributes and parameters with the same name (because a class attribute is shadowed by a method or constructor parameter).

What happens if constructor of class A is made private?

5. What happens if constructor of class A is made private? Explanation: If we make any class constructor private, we cannot create the instance of that class from outside the class. … Explanation: Final class cannot be inherited.

Which of these is a type of stream in Java?

The correct answer to the question “Which of these is a type of stream in Java” is, option (d). Byte stream. As you might be knowing, Java defines only 2 types of streams, they are Byte stream and the Character stream.

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