Question: How do you write comments in JavaScript?

How do you comment in JavaScript?

JavaScript comment block starts with two symbols: /* . To end the comment, use these symbols */ again. Everything between these symbols will be treated as a comment in JavaScript.

How can you add a comment in a JavaScript and write example?

How to write comments in JavaScript

  1. Answer: Use the syntax “// text” and “/* text */” Comments in CSS are typically used to explain the purpose of the style rules declarations. …
  2. Single-line comments. JavaScript single line comment begins with // , See the example below: …
  3. Multi-line comments. …
  4. Related FAQ.

What is the use of comments in JavaScript?

The JavaScript comments are meaningful way to deliver message. It is used to add information about the code, warnings or suggestions so that end user can easily interpret the code. The JavaScript comment is ignored by the JavaScript engine i.e. embedded in the browser.

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How do you write comments in the HTML and JavaScript?

A single-line comment can appear anywhere on a line. To create a single-line comment, you type two forward slashes (//) and then the comment text. Here are examples of single-line comments. Each line begins with a double slash (//) to indicate that it’s a comment line.

How do you comment a script tag?

Commenting scripts in JavaScript The JavaScript engine allows the string “<! –” to occur at the start of a SCRIPT element, and ignores further characters until the end of the line. JavaScript interprets “//” as starting a comment extending to the end of the current line.

How do you comment out a script?

You can insert comments and remarks in the script code, or deactivate parts of the script code by using comment marks. All text on a line that follows to the right of // (two forward slashes) will be considered a comment and will not be executed when the script is run.

Which is not correct way to write comment in JavaScript?

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */ . Any text between /* and */ will be ignored by JavaScript.

What is the keyboard shortcut to comment multiple lines?

“Ctrl+/” just toggles selected text to a comment. If selected text spread across multiple lines, “Ctrl+/” toggles individual lines explicitly to comment instead of commenting out the entire block.

How do you insert a comment with more than one line?

Press Ctrl + /

To comment more than one line: Select all the lines that you would like to be commented.

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How do I comment in JSON?

JSON does not support comments. It was also never intended to be used for configuration files where comments would be needed. Hjson is a configuration file format for humans.

How do you write notes in JavaScript?

To create a single line comment in JavaScript, you place two slashes “//” in front of the code or text you wish to have the JavaScript interpreter ignore. When you place these two slashes, all text to the right of them will be ignored, until the next line.

How do you write a function comment?

Primarily, a single “block” comment should be placed at the top of the function (or file) and describe the purpose the code and any algorithms used to accomplish the goal. In-line comments should be used sparingly, only where the code is not “self-documenting”.

How do you add notes in HTML and CSS?

How to Comment in CSS. To comment in CSS, simply place your plain text inside /* */ marks. This tells the browser that they are notes and should not be rendered on the front end.

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