What is InputStream class in Java?

What is an InputStream in Java?

The Java InputStream class, java. io. InputStream , represents an ordered stream of bytes. In other words, you can read data from a Java InputStream as an ordered sequence of bytes. This is useful when reading data from a file, or received over the network.

What is the use of InputStream class in Java?

InputStream class is the superclass of all classes representing an input stream of bytes. Applications that need to define a subclass of InputStream must always provide a method that returns the next byte of input.

Which methods include InputStream class?

Useful methods of InputStream

  • public abstract int read()throws IOException. reads the next byte of data from the input stream. …
  • public int available()throws IOException. returns an estimate of the number of bytes that can be read from the current input stream.
  • public void close()throws IOException.

What is OutputStream class in Java?

The Java. io. OutputStream class is the superclass of all classes representing an output stream of bytes. An output stream accepts output bytes and sends them to some sink. Applications that need to define a subclass of OutputStream must always provide at least a method that writes one byte of output.

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Do we need to close InputStream in Java?

2 Answers. You do need to close the input Stream, because the stream returned by the method you mention is actually FileInputStream or some other subclass of InputStream that holds a handle for a file. If you do not close this stream you have resource leakage.

What is the difference between FileInputStream and InputStream?

There is no real difference. FileInputStream extends InputStream , and so you can assign an InputStream object to be a FileInputStream object. In the end, it’s the same object, so the same operations will happen. This behavior is called Polymorphism and is very important in Object-Oriented Programming.

What does InputStream read do?

read() method reads the next byte of the data from the the input stream and returns int in the range of 0 to 255. If no byte is available because the end of the stream has been reached, the returned value is -1.

What is Randomaccessfile in Java?

This class is used for reading and writing to random access file. A random access file behaves like a large array of bytes. If end-of-file is reached before the desired number of byte has been read than EOFException is thrown. … It is a type of IOException.

What is URL in Java?

The Java URL class represents an URL. URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. It points to a resource on the World Wide Web. … A URL contains many information: Protocol: In this case, http is the protocol.

How do you create an InputStream object?

InputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(string. getBytes(“UTF-8”)); Note the UTF-8 encoding. You should specify the character set that you want the bytes encoded into.

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What are the types of I O streams?

Input stream that reads from file. Output stream that writes to file. Output stream that translate character to byte. Output Stream that contain print() and println() method.

What is read () in Java?

The read() method of Reader Class in Java is used to read a single character from the stream. This method blocks the stream till: It has taken some input from the stream. Some IOException has occurred. It has reached the end of the stream while reading.

What is a writer in Java?

The Java Writer class ( java. … Writer ) is the base class for all Writer subclasses in the Java IO API. A Writer is like an OutputStream except that it is character based rather than byte based. In other words, a Writer is intended for writing text, whereas an OutputStream is intended for writing raw bytes.

Which package exception class exists?

The top three classes in this hierarchy (the Throwable, Error, and Exception classes) are all defined in the java. lang package (which is automatically imported into every class file). Many other exceptions are also defined in this package, while others are defined elsewhere (e.g., IOException is defined in the java.

How do you write OutputStream in Java?


  1. import java.io.*;
  2. public class Test {
  3. public static void main(String[] args) {
  4. byte[] b = {‘j’, ‘a’, ‘v’, ‘a’};
  5. try {
  6. OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(“test.txt”);
  7. InputStream is = new FileInputStream(“test.txt”);
  8. os.write(b);
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