What is the use of case in SQL?

HOW DO CASE statements work?

The CASE statement chooses from a sequence of conditions, and executes a corresponding statement. The CASE statement evaluates a single expression and compares it against several potential values, or evaluates multiple Boolean expressions and chooses the first one that is TRUE .

Where can a case be used SQL?

CASE can be used in any statement or clause that allows a valid expression. For example, you can use CASE in statements such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and SET, and in clauses such as select_list, IN, WHERE, ORDER BY, and HAVING.

What is a case in database?

CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) packages are software packages that include many tools that can be helpful when it comes to database design. … They help automate software development and maintenance tasks and usually contain tools for system analysis, project management, and design..

What is a case query?

Case Query is used to determine the current status of an FHA case as it progresses towards insurance endorsement. View-only details are provided, including mortgage loan, appraisal, closing, upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP), insurance, and general case information.

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Can we write CASE statement in where clause?


We can use a case statement in Where, Order by and Group by clause. … So, by using a CASE statement with the where condition displays the result.

What keyword is used to end a CASE statement?

The WHEN statement specifies the condition to be tested. The THEN statement specifies the action if the WHEN condition returns TRUE. The ELSE statement is optional and executes when none of the WHEN conditions return true. The CASE statement ends with an END keyword.

How do you do not in SQL?

Overview. The SQL Server NOT IN operator is used to replace a group of arguments using the <> (or !=) operator that are combined with an AND. It can make code easier to read and understand for SELECT, UPDATE or DELETE SQL commands.

How many tables can be join in SQL query?

Theoretically, there is no upper limit on the number of tables that can be joined using a SELECT statement. (One join condition always combines two tables!) However, the Database Engine has an implementation restriction: the maximum number of tables that can be joined in a SELECT statement is 64.

Can we use and in case statement in SQL?

CASE must include the following components: WHEN , THEN , and END . ELSE is an optional component. You can make any conditional statement using any conditional operator (like WHERE ) between WHEN and THEN . This includes stringing together multiple conditional statements using AND and OR .

Where is SQL?

The SQL WHERE clause is used to specify a condition while fetching the data from a single table or by joining with multiple tables. If the given condition is satisfied, then only it returns a specific value from the table. You should use the WHERE clause to filter the records and fetching only the necessary records.

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How use multiple IF condition in SQL query?

If you are checking conditions against multiple variables then you would have to go for multiple IF Statements, Each block of code will be executed independently from other blocks. ELSE IF(@ID IS NOT NULL AND @ID in (SELECT ID FROM Places)) — Outer Most Block ELSE IF BEGIN SELECT @MyName = Name … …

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