What is the use of grant command in SQL?

What is the purpose of using grant command in SQL?

You can use the SQL GRANT statement to grant SQL SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, and other privileges on tables or views. The WITH GRANT OPTION clause indicates that JONES can grant to other users any of the SQL privileges you granted for the ORDER_BACKLOG table.

What does with grant option do?

The WITH GRANT OPTION keywords convey the privilege or role to a user with the right to grant the same privileges or role to other users. You create a chain of privileges that begins with you and extends to user as well as to whomever user subsequently conveys the right to grant privileges.

How do I remove a SQL Grant?

Once you have granted privileges, you may need to revoke some or all of these privileges. To do this, you can run a revoke command. You can revoke any combination of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, REFERENCES, ALTER, or ALL.

What is DDL query?

DDL refers to Data Definition Language , a subset of SQL statements that change the structure of the database schema in some way, typically by creating, deleting, or modifying schema objects such as databases, tables, and views. Most Impala DDL statements start with the keywords CREATE , DROP , or ALTER .

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Which is the correct syntax for revoke command?

Syntax: REVOKE EXECUTE ON [ PROCEDURE | FUNCTION ] object FROM user; Revoking EXECUTE privileges on a function in MySQL.: If there is a function called “CalculateSalary” and you want to revoke EXECUTE access to the user named Amit, then the following revoke statement should be executed.

What is grant option in mysql?

GRANT OPTION always allows a user to pass on his privileges at the level which they’re given, or any lower level, and it also allows him to pass on any future privileges he’s given.

What does with grant option mean in Snowflake?

FROM ROLE with the ON FUTURE keywords; any privileges granted on existing objects are retained. For more information about future grants, see Future Grants on Database or Schema Objects in this topic. WITH GRANT OPTION. If specified, allows the recipient role to grant the privileges to other roles.

What is the difference between Grant and with Grant in SQL Server?

What’s the difference between grant and with grant option in SQL Server? Grant will allow the current user to access the object or provide access to the specified user. With grant option is nothing but a higher level of access provider.

What jobs require SQL?

A variety of careers use structured query language (SQL), including technical jobs as a database administrator, server management specialist, web designer, hosting technician, software developer, and software quality assurance, as well as positions in business analysis and business intelligence.

When should I use SQL?

SQL databases are a better fit for heavy duty or complex transactions because it’s more stable and ensure data integrity. You need to ensure ACID compliance. (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) or defining exactly how transactions interact with a database. You don’t anticipate a lot of changes or growth.

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