Your question: What is means by INT 11 in MySQL?

What is the meaning of INT 10 in MySQL?

INT(10) means you probably defined it as INT UNSIGNED . So, you can store numbers from 0 up to 4294967295 (note that the maximum value has 10 digits, so MySQL automatically added the (10) in the column definition which (10) is just a format hint and nothing more. It has no effect on how big number you can store).

What does int () mean in MySQL?

In MySQL, INT stands for the integer that is a whole number. An integer can be written without a fractional component e.g., 1, 100, 4, -10, and it cannot be 1.2, 5/3, etc. An integer can be zero, positive, and negative. MySQL supports all standard SQL integer types INTEGER or INT and SMALLINT .

What is size of INT in MySQL?

Numeric Datatypes

Data Type Syntax Maximum Size
INT(m) Standard integer value. Signed values range from -2147483648 to 2147483647. Unsigned values range from 0 to 4294967295.
INTEGER(m) Standard integer value. Signed values range from -2147483648 to 2147483647. Unsigned values range from 0 to 4294967295.
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What does int 3 mean in MySQL?

Nor does it prevent values wider than the column display width from being displayed correctly. For example, a column specified as SMALLINT(3) has the usual SMALLINT range of -32768 to 32767 , and values outside the range permitted by three digits are displayed in full using more than three digits.

What is difference between Bigint and int?

The int type takes 4 byte signed integer i.e. 32 bits ( 232 values can be stored). The BigInt type takes 8 byte signed integer i.e. 64 bits (264 values can be stored). Let us see an example.

What does varchar 255 mean?

The length can be specified as a value from 0 to 65,535. The effective maximum length of a VARCHAR is subject to the maximum row size (65,535 bytes, which is shared among all columns) and the character set used. … VARCHAR(255) stores 255 characters, which may be more than 255 bytes.

What does int mean in SQL?

Int is a data type in the database – an integer (whole number). What it means depends on the database you use – in SQL Server the 4 specifies the field precision. However, this will always be the size of an int in SQL Server. It can holdvalues between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647.

How do I create an int in MySQL?

To declare a variable inside a stored procedure, you use the DECLARE statement as follows:

  1. DECLARE variable_name datatype(size) [DEFAULT default_value]; …
  2. DECLARE totalSale DEC(10,2) DEFAULT 0.0; …
  3. DECLARE x, y INT DEFAULT 0; …
  4. SET variable_name = value; …
  5. DECLARE total INT DEFAULT 0; SET total = 10;
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What int means?

Int. is an abbreviation for internal or for , international.

What is real data type in MySQL?

MySQL supports all standard SQL numeric data types which include INTEGER, SMALLINT, DECIMAL, and NUMERIC. … REAL is a synonym for DOUBLE PRECISION (a nonstandard variation) unless the REAL_AS_FLOAT SQL mode is enabled. The BIT data type stores bit-field values and is supported for MyISAM, MEMORY, InnoDB, and NDB tables.

What does TinyInt 4 mean?

255 unsigned. M is the display width. M indicates the maximum display width for integer types. … So realistically TinyInt(3) unsigned is sufficient to display the max value of 255 . Whereas TinyInt(4) is need to display -128 for instance.

What is a medium int?

A medium-sized integer. The signed range is -8388608 to 8388607. The unsigned range is 0 to 16777215. ZEROFILL pads the integer with zeroes and assumes UNSIGNED (even if UNSIGNED is not specified). INT3 is a synonym for MEDIUMINT .

What is varchar in MySQL?

Varchar in MySQL is a data type used for storing text whose length can have a maximum of 65535 characters. The varchar columns in the table are of variable length string that can hold either numeric or character or both.

How do I limit int in SQL?

If you want to limit the range of an integer column you can use a check constraint: create table some_table ( phone_number integer not null check (phone_number between 0 and 9999999999) );

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