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is the new way to win at Australian Lotto.

Massively increase your chances of winning.

When one person wins...

everyone wins!

lotto king is about bringing together large groups of people to purchase the biggest systems tickets for Saturday Lotto to significantly increase your chances of regularly winning prize money.


If you spend $10/week

your chances of winning are...



with Standard Games

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with lotto king System 20 ticket*

How it works


Join lotto king and purchase one or more entries


Random number selections are used for each of the system tickets to be purchased

(Syndicates are dynamically created each week)


Cutoff for people to join in the syndicates

(The number of entries in your syndicate will determine the number and types of system tickets to be purchased)


System tickets are purchased through the Lotto provider


A confirmation email with all the details is sent


Lotto draw


A confirmation email is sent where your syndicate has had a win

((Your allocation of prize money will be calculated based on the number of people in your syndicate)


Within 24h of receiving the winnings from the lottery provider your lotto king account will be credited.

System 20 ticket

A full syndicate of 2,825 people can purchase the biggest system ticket which is a system 20. A system 20 ticket costs over $25,000 and is every possible combination of those 20 numbers, so if the 6 numbers drawn from Saturday Lotto are part of the 20 selected in your syndicate then you are guaranteed a share of the division 1 prize pool! Not only that you'll also win a number of other division prizes because of all the combinations that have been entered.

* The aim of lotto king is to progressively build up to purchasing one or more System 20 tickets each Saturday.


Massively increase your chances of winning.

Random number selections are used for the system ticket entries.

It's only $10 a week to play.